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What I can offer you as a Screenplay / Teleplay Consultant

While many screenwriting consultants have had plenty of experience working as a story analyst or creative executive, I believe that it’s only by living in the screenwriting trenches for many years that you can gain a truly comprehensive perspective of the screenwriting process.  It’s my experience as a producer, director, actor, story editor and teacher combined with my experience as a long-time working writer that has given me a unique edge when it comes to helping others elevate their screenplays.

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Reality of the business and why you need me!

While on the surface writing a quality screenplay can appear easy, nothing could be further from the truth.  Furthermore, the odds of getting a screenplay produced are significantly stacked against you.  This is a very tough business!!  Having said that, one of the biggest pitfalls on the journey from script to screen is sending out your work before you’ve had some crackerjack feedback.

And while I think it’s essential that you have a network of fellow writers to give you notes, there is clearly a benefit to also consulting with an experienced industry professional (professional screenwriters rely on managers, agents, producers and fellow professionals to help develop their work to its fullest potential). Although I cannot promise you the “elixir” that some books, classes or consultants allude to, I can guarantee that if you’re willing to work hard and keep an open mind, then together we can markedly improve your screenplay or teleplay. 

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What I Can Do For You

Some of the elements I’ll be looking for in your script are: Strong concept. Sympathetic main character with a strong objective. Compelling antagonist. Character arcs. Visual storytelling. Plausibility. Strong obstacles. High stakes. Escalating jeopardy. Clear act breaks. Twist and turns. Pacing. Set ups and pay offs. Conflict. Story logic. Universal themes. Great set-pieces and trailer moments. Human touches.


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Add $3 per page for scripts over 120 pages.

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US $65 / CAD $95 per hour.



US $195 / CAD $258

Add $3 per page for scripts over 65 pages.


half hour teleplays

US $95 / CAD $125

Scripts up to 40 pages.

arne olsen

An Introduction

First off, if you’re reading this then you’ve no doubt completed a first (or 4th or 12th) draft of a screenplay or teleplay, and for this I give you a hearty salute! My name is Arne Olsen. I’m an AFI graduate and successful working screenwriter with fourteen (fair to middling) produced movies including MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: THE MOVIE, COP AND A HALF, ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN II, RED SCORPION and the 2018 paranoid-thriller DISTORTED. I say “fair to middling” because if I’m going to be candid about your work, it’s only fair I’m candid about my own. And while I’m thrilled to have had fourteen movies produced and am proud of a few of them, most of them I consider to be stepping stones to becoming a better writer.  And/or the scripts were pretty damn good but got lost in translation. In the immortal words of Robert Browning: “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?”

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Scripts Produced

  • COP AND A HALF – Imagine/Universal
  • RED SCORPION – Shapiro-Glickenhaus
  • HERE’S TO LIFE (writer/director) – Mulberry Films
  • BLACK ICE – Saban/Prism
  • FINAL ROUND – Keystone/Den Int
  • HOOLIGANS – Bonneville Entertainment
  • GRIZZLY RAGE – Robert Halmi Productions
  • HYBRID – Robert Halmi Productions
  • REPEATERS – Ravenwest Films
  • COP AND A HALF: NEW RECRUIT – Imagine/Universal
  • DISTORTED – Voltage Pictures/Minds Eye Entertainment
  • RED SCORPION II – Abramoff Production


Arne Olsen is an outstanding screenwriting talent.  His work is fresh, exciting, memorable, funny and commercial as hell – which is why I like working with him so much.

Steve Hoban

Copperheart Entertainment

I’ve worked with Arne over a ten-year period. He’s always been the person to go to for a creative take on a story idea, treatment or screenplay. In short, Arne is great writer, editor and creative force.

Rick Mischel


Arne is a first-class senior story editor/consultant with a deep knowledge of writing screenplays for movies and television. I have seen him in action and was impressed with his breadth of talent and effortless flow of ideas.

Christine Haebler

Screen Sirens Pictures

Arne Olsen may be one of Canada’s greatest unsung screenplay heroes. The direct path to story solutions is very apparent to Arne. This fountain of ideas is high on my list of go-to writers.

Raymond Massey


Arne has a highly perspicacious insight into script analysis and form, gleaned through years of working within the US studio system and independent film-making. As a screenwriter and editor he has developed an innate ability to extrapolate deep story structure issues, whilst enhancing your creative vision to an advanced story telling level.  I cannot recommend Arne highly enough.

Christian Piers Betley

Axel Pictures Inc.

Arne is my absolute “go-to” guy whenever I need help with any creative materials, from conceptualizing to written materials to sizzle reels and beyond. His instincts across the board are spot on, which is why I have sought him out at every studio I have worked at and he always delivers the results.

Paul Gertz

Network Entertainment

Arne story edited a feature script I wrote. He was a wonderful mix of articulate, tough, and generous.  He was absolutely the guide I needed; my first draft was so much stronger than it would have been without him. I’ve since recommended Arne to other writer friends, and I hope to get the chance to work with him again.

Jennica Harper

Writer, Producer

Arne gives you the goods with insight and candor.  Just what I needed.

Michael Robison

TV Director

Arne is a hugely positive force.  Having him go over my script was like having Indiana Jones guide me through the temple.  Line by line, page by page he noted the pitfalls and sought the treasure that was there.  He’s respectful, articulate and wise.  I highly recommend his insights. 

Andre Harden

Producer, PRAXIS winner 2011

Arne is a veteran story-teller who has a depth of experience finding and fixing the stories that people are interested in seeing.

Blake Corbet

Producer, Writer

We worked with Arne on a script that had been through multiple rewrites. We were really stuck on a few key points. Arne provided outstanding advice which allowed us to push through the problems and arrive at our final draft.

Geoff Redkap

Director, PRAXIS winner 2011

Arne’s knack for storytelling, his way of explaining the “how’s” and “why’s” of that process and his ability to show writers how to apply that knowledge to their work, make him an invaluable resource.  Use him.

Kevin Doree

Producer, PRAXIS winner 2011

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