screenplay and teleplay consulting and coaching



I offer a professional, in-depth analysis that includes five to ten pages of notes on concept, structure, character, dialogue, theme, tone, narrative, marketability, etc.


US $295 / CAD $395 

Add $3 per page for scripts over 120 pages



US $195 / CAD $285

Add $3 per page for scripts over 65 pages

Half Hour Teleplays

US $95 / CAD $125

Up to 40 pages

Phone or Skype Consults

US $70 / CAD $95

For follow-up or one-off consultations, up to one hour.

Some of the Elements I’ll be Looking For in Your Script

Intriguing concept. Sympathetic main character with a strong objective. Compelling antagonist. Character arcs. Visual storytelling. Plausibility. Formidable obstacles. High stakes. Escalating jeopardy. Clear act breaks. Twist and turns. Pacing. Set ups and pay offs. Conflict. Story logic. Universal themes. Great set-pieces and trailer moments. Human touches.

Submission Procedures

Please do not submit any material before first contacting  Arne Olsen Scripts. Please provide your name, address, service you are requesting, length of material, and payment preference. You will receive a confirmation email and payment can be made via Paypal, check, e-transfer or money order.​

Scripts can be emailed as a PDF once payment and our signed confidentiality agreement have been received.​

Normal turnaround time is 1-3 weeks.

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